Picture This!

I have loved old cameras for a long time, but never came across any for sale–until recently.

I was in a local shop a few weeks ago and found this one.  It came with a leather case, flash, etc.  Very fun! And it’s in great shape.
As collections get started, you just need one, then the floodgates seem to open.  🙂  I was on our local Craigslist the other day and someone was selling two old cameras.  He was very apologetic that he didn’t think either of these were still in working condition.  (I wasn’t expecting them to be) 
He thought this one was from the early 1900’s.  I love that it is pretty ragged looking, but still has so many great characteristics.

He thought this one was from the 1950’s.  It does close up nicely, but I plan to leave it open.

I love the little tabs that come out of the bottom to straighten them out.  I assume it was to keep the camera steady, but I’m more concerned about displaying them.  🙂

Ok, now I’ve got a collection!  My husband is thrilled!  haha. 

Have you started any new collections lately? 
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