Placemat Pillow for $2.50


I was in HomeGoods yesterday and wandering…  Oh, I absolutely love wandering through that store! 
I found these placemats on clearance. 
Even though I thought they were great looking placemats, I decided they’d work even better as pillows.
I thought about pulling my sewing machine out, but decided to try them by hand.  I could always rip it out if it didn’t look right. 
I turned the placemats right side facing each other, then just kept the edges really straight and stitched away. 
I left about 6" unstitched so I could fill it with batting. 
Once I filled it, I stitched up the last 6" and now have a great looking pillow.  I had the batting on-hand, so each pillow cost me $2.50.  I’d call it a success!  🙂

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