Sucré King Cake Giveaway!


Have you ever tried a Sucré  King Cake?  Oh my goodness!  They are delicious!  I recently received one to try and was so delighted.  When it arrived, it looked glittery and festive.  It even came with Mardi Gras beads.  🙂    I had never tried one before, so wasn’t sure what to expect.  I took it to work so I could share it with a lot of people, and consequently, get lots of feedback.

King Cakes, sold each year from Kings’ Day, January 6, to Mardi Gras Day – are a unique tradition in New Orleans, a city that embraces unique tradition.
It’s hard to speak of New Orleans without mentioning Mardi Gras and the Carnival season leading up to it. And every New Orleanian knows that you can’t truly experience Mardi Gras until you’ve savored a King Cake.
The king cake is enjoyed in many forms all over the world, but nothing compares to this authentic treat straight out of New Orleans. It’s a sweet, glazed cinnamon pastry designed in beautiful purple, green and gold tones – the official colors of Mardi Gras – best shared with friends and loved ones. Anyone who has spent any time in this great city will tell you, you just can’t get the real thing anywhere else.

New Orleanians love a good king cake, and will take every opportunity to partake – at parties, at the office, at parades, everywhere! Since they are only available for such a short period, these cakes are highly sought after during that time. Today, instead of looking for a bean, you’ll be searching for a small plastic baby trinket, which can be found under or in the kings cake.
If you find the baby, you’ll be crowned king – or queen – for the day. This not only ensures your fortune for a year, it also sometimes means you’ll receive certain privileges. For example, if the cake is eaten at work, your coworkers might have to treat you to lunch.
In some traditions, being crowned king or queen also comes with responsibilities. It means it’s your turn to buy the next cake!

I must say, this cake was delicious!  It’s a light and buttery pastry with a sweet cream cheese filling.  There is cinnamon and sugar on top.  It was a huge hit at work.  People got quite a kick out of the ‘baby’ and beads.  One guy came back FOUR times for more cake!  He even asked if he could take the last two pieces home. 
Do you want to enjoy your own authentic Mardi Gras celebration? Then enter here to win a delicious Sucré King Cake!
Joanne is the Winner of the  Sucré King Cake! Thank you to everyone who entered.
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I received a Sucre King Cake to review.  All opinions are my own.

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