More Fun and Games for the Game Room

I love antique shows and flea markets, especially during the winter when there aren’t any garage sales going on.

Recently I found a Chinese Checkers board at a flea market.  It didn’t come with any of the marbles, but good ol’ Amazon had someone selling a complete set for $5. 

I wanted to display the board on the wall of my Game Room, so used Tacky Glue and a toothpick and filled each hole.  I set each marble in and let them dry.  Instantly I had colorful artwork for the wall!

Recently, I found this old bank and a jar of marbles.  The bank works by collecting nickels, dimes and quarters.  When the value in the bank reaches $10, you can open it.  Yes, we now put our change in each evening.  My husband knew exactly how it worked, as he’d had one of these growing up.

I love the colorful jar of marbles.  It came with a new lid, so I just changed it out to an old zinc lid and love the new look!

What fun things have you found lately?
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