A New Path for the Side Yard

For the past couple of years, I’ve wanted to get rid of the grass on our side yard.  It’s a really narrow area and kind of pain to mow.  We put a shed back there to hold the snow blower in the summer and store my pots for the winter, but other than that, we rarely go back there.  Pavers and pea gravel seemed like an easy solution.  Of course, once the project starts, it’s always harder on the body than expected.  🙂
We started with this:
We removed a truckload of sod.
We ordered a yard of sand, but the guy with the tractor at the garden center put this road base gravel in the truck.  Once it’s put in the truck, there are not a lot of choices.  Luckily, it worked out ok.
They were able to add the pavers to the truck with a forklift.  Then we only had to handle them a couple of times.  At 18 pounds each, they are heavier than you might expect.
 It took a LONG time to set the pavers.  Each had to be completely level itself, and with the other pavers.  We used 2×4 pieces to keep the spacing correct.  As soon as we’d finish two rows, we’d fill the rows with the road base to hold the pavers in place.

We are thrilled with the result!  And amazingly enough, we had only two shovelfuls of the road base left over.  Boy were we lucky that we had enough, but not too much.

While we were in the middle of this project, we added this adorable boy to our family.  Henry is such a sweet boy and we are thrilled he’s ours! 


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