A New Arbor for the Backyard


I’ve been wanting to work on the entrance into our backyard for a few years now.  Recently, we redid the west side of the backyard. HERE.   Now it’s time to do the east side.
We started with this.  Of course this was several weeks ago, so everything was still looking drab during the winter…

We dug up an area and decided to use the same pavers that we used for the other side of the backyard.  Of course we have our trusty new helper, Henry! 

We have really bad winds at times here, so we needed to make sure the arbor would stay put.  These 8" tubes were the smallest that Home Depot had.  We thought about using 4" pipe, but it was significantly more expensive.  One 4 foot tube did the trick for the four footings.

We mixed two bags of concrete mix in the wheelbarrow and filled the tubes.  (then it rained for 6 days!)

After a week, we drilled holes in the footings and put concrete anchors in.  The arbor was then attached to those.

Once again, our trusty helper…  🙂

We used bags of paver sand for the base and carefully made sure every paver was level itself, then level with all of the pavers next to it. 


We’ll let the sand settle in (more rain coming this week!), then I’ll add soil and plant ground cover between the pavers.  That will soften the look.
I’ve added a clematis on the left and some cosmos on the right.  We’ll see about hanging some baskets until the clematis takes off to add some color.

We’re so happy with the entrance now!
Thank you for your visit!

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