Dish Towel Pillow for Under $5



 I’ve made all sorts of pillows out of grain sacks, drop cloths, napkins and placemats, but haven’t ever made any out of dishtowels–until now.  🙂

I was at HomeGoods the other day and found these XL dishtowels.
They were $7.99 for three towels.  As I was throwing them in the washer, I pulled one out to see if it would work for a pillow.  Yep!  Perfect!
With my fancy (ok, really it’s a "I last took HomeEc in 7th grade sewing machine, now I’d like something that is simple for me to use-sewing machine"), I made this pillow.
I turned it inside out and used the old seam as a guide.
I cut off the old seams once it was all sewn.
I filled it with batting and sewed the part where I filled it by hand.
Easy, cheap and a fun pillow!
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