Transferring a Graphic onto Wood-Turning a $6 Investment into a Cute Piece


Since I started working a few years ago, my crafting has been limited, but recently I decided to use some new graphics (purchased on Etsy for $1) and transfer them onto a little dresser.
I started with this $5 garage sale find.  Sorry, I thought I took a good ‘before’ picture, but didn’t…  But, you can probably figure that the drawers looked just like the rest of the piece.
We sanded down the entire piece.
I  took a mirror image of a laser copy (if you only have an ink jet printer, just take it to Kinko’s or a similar place and get a copy made–they use laser copiers).  I printed off three copies-one for each drawer.

 I taped the graphic on each of the drawers.  I barely dabbed Citra-Solv on the paper.  (I found Citra-Solv at Whole Foods)  If you put too much Citra-Solv on, it’ll smear.  I rubbed a piece of plastic very carefully over the graphic, but again, I tried not to smear it. 



I carefully lifted off the paper and let each drawer dry.
I put MinWax Pre-stain over the entire piece, as pine tends to get blochy if you don’t.  After that dried, I applied a MinWax Natural Stain.
The original drawer pulls were wood.  I worked and worked to sand them down, but they stained up too dark.  I took some brass pulls and painted them black.
I’ve moved it in a couple of different places to see where I’m going to use it.  I think it turned out pretty cute! 
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