You Can Plant Flowers in Any Old Thing


I love using old containers for flowers.  We recently found this little barrel for $10.  When we cut it in half, we were pleased to find a plastic liner for both sides.  🙂  We drilled a couple of holes in the bottom, then put some burlap over the holes, filled with potting soil and planted petunias, cosmos and salvia. 
I found this old drink dispenser at a sale last week.  It too had a plastic liner.  I filled the bottom with pea gravel, then potting soil.  The wave petunias are already growing fast.  I put a geranium in the center. 
Here’s an old galvanized bucket.  I drilled holes in the bottom, put some pea gravel and potting soil and filled it with cosmos. 
I used an old milk crate for wave petunias on the porch.  OMG, they are filling in fast!
Things are blooming like crazy now!  From conventional pots and hanging baskets to any type of container that you love, flowers look great!





What’s your favorite unconventional container for your flowers?
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