From Back Porch to Fab Mud Room Part 1–The Pantry


We’ve been helping a friend for the past few months on her mudroom.  It started when she wanted to install a new back door.  We helped her pick one up and after spending the day with her, we were as excited as she was about the changes she wanted to make.  The best part was that she really wanted to learn how to do everything so she could make changes to other rooms later on. 
The room started off as pretty much just a room between the driveway and the house. 


She wanted a pine tongue and groove ceiling.  We added 2×4 supports and insulation prior to adding the tongue and groove.  We painted it with watered down white paint before hanging it.

She really wanted a stained concrete floor.  We worked and worked on it to prepare it for concrete, but it turned out that it was going to cost $850 and the guy wouldn’t be able to come out for 6-8 weeks…  Onto PLAN B….



 Next came the pantry.  New doors,  new tongue and groove ceiling, lots and lots of shelves… 


We put everything in here yesterday and there’s still a ton of extra room! 
We found these knobs at Hobby Lobby.
The glass in the door looks beautiful with the sun hitting it.



 We have had so much fun helping her make this into a beautiful room.  Stay tuned for my next post on the rest of the renovation!
Thanks for your visit!
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